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At Marshfield MFA, we carry several different varieties of forages on hand.  If we do not have a forage you want, please let us know, and we can order it right away!
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Cereal Grains  09/17/13 2:38:17 PM

Forage Master III Wheat
A medium-tall wheat that is an excellent choice for grazing or greenchop.
Physical Characteristics Medium-tall wheat with excellent leaves and standability.  At boot stage, Forage Master III is medium to dark green in color. Drought Tolerance:  Very good.
Growth Characteristics:  Excellent early-season growth with vigorous regrowth. Planting Requirements:  Plant 1 to 2 inches deep after the Hessian fly-free date.
Maturity Late maturity. Seeding Requirements:  Drill 90 to 110 lbs./acre or broadcast 110 to 130 lbs./acre.
Disease Tolerance:  Good resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust along with excellent resistance to stem rust and powdery mildew. Soil and Nutrient Requirements:  Fertilize according to soil test, yield goal and intended crop use.  In absence of soil test, apply 40-40-80 before seeding and 60 to 80 lbs. of nitrogen after spring growth starts.
Insect ToleranceNo resistance to Hessian fly. Harvesting Tips Graze in fall and winter or in early spring. Cut for hay or silage in the boot stage for maximum feed value.

Forage Master Plus Rye Grain
High yielding rye grain cross that is grazing tolerant.  Very good hardiness with superior palatability.
Physical Characteristics Heights to 4 feet.  Deep green color with adequate fertilization.  Tremendous tillering potential for forage production.  Good straw strength. Drought Tolerance:  Good.
Growth Characteristics:  Vigorous early growth that persists through mid-season grazing.  Great for hay or green crop in the spring. Planting Requirements:  Plant 1 - 2 inches deep.
Maturity May - June.  Boot stage in April. Seeding Requirements:  Sow 80 - 100 lbs./acre.
Disease Tolerance:  Good. Soil and Nutrient Requirements:  Soil test recommended.  In the absence of a test, apply 40 - 60 lbs. of nitrogen at planting and 50 - 80 lbs. of nitrogen per acre at spring green up.
Insect ToleranceGood. Harvesting Tips Graze December through May to 6 inches of height

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